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Resident Roo at THE Hungry Spirit

We love to share our produce at THE Hungry Spirit…and this guy doesn’t seem to mind that either!

Songs and Thai at THE Makers Market

Healing @ THE Hungry Spirit

Since we’ve been evolving THE Hungry Spirit space one of the very strong messages I’ve been receiving is that this is a healing space…and we need to share it as such.

Not one to ignore the messages I receive (mostly), I set about by creating the space where we could start the healing journey. I put up our camper trailer (with help of course from #1 son and #1 hubby!).

And then we made it available for healers to use. Not officially or formally or in any big way. A masseus from St George named Elizabeth has been the first

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Community Garden Needs Your Help!


Local Food at it’s best!

Each week we buy amazing, local, organically grown produce from the community garden.

The proceeds of their sale goes towards improving the infrastructure at the garden which is available for anyone in the community to get involved with!

All members get a key and can secure their own plot for growing.

Nick and Ana are the caretakers and do an amazing job at keeping the gardens watered and tidy and of course, keep planing new seeds and seedlings to keep us stocked up with delicious produce which we sell through the Shop and supply to

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Grass-Fed Beef @THE Hungry Spirit!


Do You Want To Share Your Wares?

FREE Community Events @ THE Hungry Spirit!

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New Gardens Bloom

We are always looking for ways to improve the flow at THE Hungry Spirit garden and we enjoy creating new spaces! Our latest gardens will become herb and spice patches as they are close to the kitchen, but for now they provide pathways through the site and the mulch will be breaking down over time to help build the nutrition of the soil






Our next space will be an expanse of food forrest with fruit and nut trees as well as perrenial vegetables and fruits like asparagus and rhubarb. This area will take more

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Is THE Hungry Spirit YOUR Next Adventure?


Feed Your Hungry Spirit As The Owner Of A New Food Business In THE Outback!

The Hungry Spirit – Centre for Semi-Arid Sustainability

Are you a young, adventurous, fabulous, hard- working, values driven entrepreneurial permaculture couple that would do anything for the chance to realize your dreams of implementing your food business dreams – but don’t have the land…or the capital to buy your own?

Do you want the chance to take an acre + of outback land AND an established wholefoods/organic shop that is proven to be productive and turn it into a thriving permaculture design showcase for semi-arid

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This Is The Maze The Girls Built!

It’s been such a treat working with Tenneccee, Chiffona and Camryn; three awesome students at LRCS who were keen for after school and weekend work and we were thrilled to give them the opportunity to be part of THE Hungry Spirit, learn some new skills and of course earn some extra spending (or saving) money!!

Cleaning up THE Hungry Spirit space from weeds that had sprung up after all the rain we’ve been having was the first priority and then we wanted to create an area for kids, somewhere they could play, explore…so Tenneccee and Chiffona came up with the

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