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5 Day Permaculture Practical Design Course

Permaculture Practical Design Course – In A Semi-Arid Environment

15th – 19th September 2016

A series of 1 day workshops held over a 5 day course that will change the way you look at farming, food production and the world around you.

The aim of these workshops (course) is to provide farmers, backyard gardeners and individuals living in geographically remote and semi-arid climates the opportunity to reconnect with their own health and a regenerative, sustainable food system through the practical application of permaculture. These 5 x 1 day workshops make up a comprehensive course that will mean participants can return home and apply their learnings with confidence.

With a focus on holistic practices that include water harvesting, animals and incorporating trees this is a course that will help farmers living in harsh climatic conditions look at new ways of mitigating risk as well as improving production and diversifying income.

Note – spaces limited to 30 people only 

Be A Part Of The Next Food Production Revolution & Create an Abundant Food System In A Semi-Arid Climate

Are you looking for a way to be more self-reliant? Do you want your land to be more productive and profitable? Are you dismayed by the failing health of people, the earth and our communities  and want to enact change? Do you want to help heal and regenerate yourself, your family and your community? Permaculture provides skills to improve your quality of life, create resilience, care for the environment and build family and community strength. This Practical Permaculture Design Course has been created with you in mind. Whether you have a small backyard, a balcony or thousands of acres – permaculture can help you turn your life and space into social, biological and financial profits for you, your family and your community.

When – this course will be run over 5 days. You can participate in one, some or all 5 days:

Book in for all 5 days Permaculture Practical Design Course – Lighting Ridge – September 2016


Day 1 –  Thursday 15th September – Designing the System 15 Sept Design day 1


Day 2 –  Friday 16th SeptemberWater Harvesting 16 Sept Water day 2


Day 3 – Saturday 17th September – Food Forest Gardening  17 Sept Trees day 3


Day 4 –  Sunday 18th September Soils and Biology 18th Sept Soil day 4


Day 5Monday 19th September – Animals in the System 19th Sept Animals day 5



$895 for all 5 days 5 Days Permaculture Practical Design Course – Lighting Ridge – September 2016


$520 for 3 days 3 Day Bundle




THE Hungry Spirit Centre For Semi-Arid Regeneration

573 Wooloroo Road Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

For further information, to discuss group bookings please contact Rebel Black on 041 963 9380 or email rebel@thehungryspirit.com

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