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About Us

Rebel with pasta machine bw&W

Our Founder Rebel Black describes herself as a Hungry Spirit.

“I am a Traditional Wisdom Warrior. I am an entrepreneur, a food, health and business coach, socially responsible citizen, lover of physically demanding outside work and self-confessed foodie!

I live in the NSW Outback on the edge of the opal fields at Lightning Ridge. I share a rustic recycled and renovated 40ft caravan home, woodfired pizza oven and an incredible veggie patch, with my husband Michael. I have also been blessed with two wonderful step children with whom we share blissful adventures…in food, travel and life.

I have been in business for the past 13 years having established and operated a successful project management business (Community Practitioners Australia), a multi-award winning tourism restaurant (Dig In) and the ever increasingly popular health and wellness platform, I’m Not Fussy.

This next enterprise, The Hungry Spirit, sees me enter a new phase of operation. The Hungry Spirit will bring together my passion and experience in educating, business, health, leadership, social and community development.

They say business is the greatest place for personal growth and I agree. What I know, I know because I have been there. I have been the tired, stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, sick and broke business owner. I have also been the elated, pumped up, living the dream and making it happen it to make a difference business owner! I have hit rock bottom and bounced back again. I have made stuff ups and have had it work. I have found my niche and I have excelled and in each business, the learning and the success has grown.  I have sought input from others through leadership programs and business mentorships and I have slogged it out on my own. I have tried and failed and tried again and everything I know, I now share.

I so enjoy working with overwhelmed and frustrated business owners and empowering them to become the incredible, healthy, world changing business leaders they were born to be – and helping them rediscover the fun in having a healthy, inspiring socially responsible and financially rewarding businesses!

I am a big picture thinker, am incredibly impatient and I cry at movies..happy and sad ones!

My best day is one shared with loved ones enjoying simple pleasures. We cook and share food from the veggie patch whilst we laugh and plan big at a long table surrounded by veggies and birdsong.

“Every day of my life has taught me something that makes the next day a bigger adventure!”

In my spare time I love to potter in the garden, creating and imagining new spaces AND I volunteer as the President of the Australian Opal Centre which is an incredible organisation preserving and promoting Australia’s national gemstone Opal..and the incredibly rare and unique opalised fossils.

I LOVE to write and you can read some of my rantings at


One Year 30 Million

If you love to see what others say…

I was featured by DPI NSW in Daring to Dream

I am a Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Program

We gave our business away…because we could here’s the video

The SMH thought it was a good yarn

And so did the ABC

I used to freelance work for Outback Magazine and other publications like Australian Geographic, The Daily Telegraph and The Land Newspaper

I have been a speaker at some pretty cool conferences like the National Rural Women’s Conference and the 2012 Sustaining Rural Communities