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When Lee Holmes Came To Visit THE Hungry Spirit


In 2011 I started an online business called  I’m Not Fussy and Lee Holmes was one of our founding contributors, she’d been on an incredible healing journey through food and that year, launched her first book, Supercharged Food.

Since then her career has really taken off; she’s a regular contributor to several global food publications, she’s written and published 6 print books and several e-books, she’s shared the stage with some of the world’s finest health and wellbeing teachers and this week. Last week she was in Palm Springs filming a television show and well this week, she was hanging out in Lightning Ridge!

The power of internet brought Lee and I together 5 years ago and since then we’ve followed each other on Facebook…which was a thing then, but not as it is now!

On Friday I saw Lee post that she and her hubby were getting on the train in Sydney to make the trip out west to Lightning Ridge and of course, I messaged her straight away and offered to show her around!

We had a gorgeous afternoon on Saturday hopping around the fields of Lightning Ridge getting photos of Lee, finding great locations for video shoots and I made certain she and hubby Justin fell in love with the place, so they will return! We had a delicious meal at Bruno’s and then soaked under the stars at the Bore Baths! I connected Lee to my friend Lyndahl and her teepee and we stopped at the Australian Opal Centre hole for a photo opp!

It’s so nice sometimes to see your town through the eyes of an outsider; especially one as passionate about Australia as Lee, she’s so keen to use the considerable leverage she has in the marketplace to ‘put Lightning Ridge on the map’ for something else!

Lee has a gorgeous new face mask/scrub that contains the kaolin clay from Lightning Ridge – it’s precious and I tried a little on Sunday as a pick me up after a hectic week and it’s really luscious!

Lee is as gorgeous in spirit as she is in human form and it was a total treat for me to share this place I love and am so passionate about, with a kindred spirit.

Our journeys’ intersect in so many ways; our healing stories not dissimilar and our passion for connecting people to healing runs strong in our veins.

Lee was super impressed with THE Hungry Spirit Kale (she’s a big kale fan) and how abundant it was and had all kinds of ideas of other products we can share with the world that is prolific and healthy grown right here in the Outback!

It was a totally supercharged Saturday for me!



Organic Coffee & Tea

THE Hungry Spirit is now happily serving organic fair trade coffee made on organic milk and served in unique

and 20160924_101352gorgeous cups we have collected over the years!

We offer a choice of three different blends:

  • Serenity:A medium bodied decaf that has sweet fruit and nut, soft chocolate with caramel sugars completed by being organically certified. This ‘Mountain Water’ Decaf process has preserved the original characteristics of the inherent aroma and flavour of the original Mexican beans.
  • Peace:A unique and sophisticated blend of 100% Arabica coffees that are certified Fairtrade and organic. Soft citrus notes, with rich texture and smooth bodied with a clean full finish in the aftertaste.
  • Compassion: A unique blend of 100% Arabica coffees that are certified Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance. Bright structures of lingering syrup and bittersweet chocolate with a light spice clove like finish

We also sell the coffee pods for use in your own machine at home!


Wednesday 3pm – 6pm

Friday 8am – 11am

Saturday 9am – 12noon

We have a delicious range of organic teas too – and organic iced teas for the hot days. Our shop has tasty sweet and savory treats to enjoy with your coffee too!

Come and enjoy time in the early morning sun under the shade of our trees and in the serenity of the space.

Fresh Organic Produce in Lightning Ridge

We are really excited to be bringing FRESH Organic Regional and Local Produce to Lightning Ridge and surrounding towns.20160430_081328

And we are thrilled with the great response we are getting!

Each week we get a new delivery of vegetables and fruits from south east Queensland and we also supply Local Free Range Eggs and Local Herbs and Leafy Greens (kale and silverbeet) when they are available.

We also have organic unpasteurised milk, organic yoghurt, butter and cheeses as well as fresh Kombucha, coconut yoghurt and saurekraut!

These are all in addition to our growing range of wholefoods, nuts, seeds, flours and other pantry staples as well as homeopathics, protein powders and supplements.


Place Your Regular Order

If you want to place a regular order so you are assured of always getting what you want please click on the Hungry Spirit Order Form and email it to rebel@thehungryspirit.com 

If you are from Walgett or Collarenebri we are arranging pick up/delivery to your area so please call Rebel on 041 963 9380 for more information.


Natural Support For Women’s Health

Register HERE


Feel Rich When You Shop!

We have created a way for you to feel rich when you shop, buy what you want, when you want it – get healthy and learn too!

By becoming a Member of THE Hungry Spirit you have a range of options that are generous – and help you budget as well. Essentially, you will are pre-purchasing credit in store by paying a fortnightly amount…when you are ready to stock up your pantry with lovely organic wholefoods and other delicious things – you have the money already there!

How delicious!

Read about our member options THEHungrySpiritMembers

All our members receive e-updates on events, specials and activities, recipes, gardening tips and other juicy info!

They also receive access to FREE Members Events each year (approx. 6 pear year, value $240)

Members can spend above  accumulated credit, but need to pay the excess with cash or credit card at the time of purchase.

Choose & Purchase your Membership HERE

One of our goals at THE Hungry Spirit is to provide local employment and education opportunities and in order to do that we must go from being a ‘pop-up’ to permanent shop. 

Our members credit accumulates and must be taken within 12 months


Demystifying Diets

Demystifying Diets

14th March 6pm

Meeting Place of THE Hungry Spirit – 12 Opal Street Lightning Ridge

$20 for non-members


OR FREE for Members – Become a Member and then REGISTER for the event (just register if you are already a member)

Demystifying Diets 14 March 16

We Are Opening a Pop Up SHOP in Lightning Ridge!

Our paper closed at the end of last year.

It’s a tale of full circle small business to corporate buy out back to economic rationalism..hopefully back to small business! It’s what happens in life. It’s sad, but it’s a real part of the evolution of communities. We can be upset about it, or we can embrace the change.  The Ridge News was the reason I came to Lightning Ridge! It was first real job I had ever had; it was a paper that my Pa had encouraged the Rural Press board to acqurie when he was Chairman; it was how I met my husband and all my closest friends here – it was the catalyst for me to grow and develop entrepreneurial wings…it was so much for me.

So when the shop was vacant, because of the closure; I thought – what next…and why not take the opportunity?

It’s in a great location in the heart of town. It’s clean and bright and tiled.

Perfect for the Health and Wholefoods store I have been dreaming of and wishing for in Lightning Ridge for years.

And so I took the plunge. I called the landlord who was thrilled to bits and has been super supportive and asked if we could strike a deal.

She said yes.

And so it was done.

Meeting Place Of THE Hungry Spirit was emerging.

She’s still under construction; but there is product arriving and shelves being stocked; systems developing and staff recruiting.

It won’t be your typical retail model – more like a blend of community supported agriculture meets retail meets events!

It will be a sister store to our site on Woolooroo Road Lightning Ridge where the garden and permaculture enterprise is.

The vision is bold.

We will have hundreds of members who shop there, come to regular members events, who share and collaborate. We will sell organic, chemical free, wholefoods in bulk and packs and we will sell what we grow from the garden. Eventually there will be lunch delivery. There will be cooking classes and product demonstration and gardening events.

This space, at 12 Opal Street will be our first port of call – where all the action spreads; like the hub of a wheel!

We are excited and we just know that you are too!