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Bush Dyes & Print Making Workshop @ THE Hungry

We had a wonderful day at the Bush Dyes and Print Making Workshop hosted by Goodooga born artist Warren Mason. Warren showed us how to use leaves, plants, bark and other bush materials to change the colour of our clothes and fabrics AND how to make prints using styrafoam boxes!

It was a lovely day @THE Hungry Spirit among the trees learning about Indigenous culture and the playful creativity that connects us all!

Thanks Warren!

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First Open Mic Night @ THE Hungry Spirit!

In October we changed our Casual Jam Session to an Open Mic and were thrilled with the roll up!

We enjoyed some beautiful acoustic guitar covers, original songs by Warren Mason and by our visiting international – Linda from Alaska!

Thanks to everyone who came and we are looking forward to the next one on 21st November 2017.

Musicians, story-tellers, poets and creatives are welcome…and everyone who loves to listen and support local talent, you are welcome too!!!

BYO drinks/nibbles!


21st November

@THE Hungry Spirit – 574 Woolooroo Road, Lightning Ridge


Click the link to Listen to

Warren Mason

Linda from Alaska

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Resident Roo at THE Hungry Spirit

We love to share our produce at THE Hungry Spirit…and this guy doesn’t seem to mind that either!

Songs and Thai at THE Makers Market

Healing @ THE Hungry Spirit

Since we’ve been evolving THE Hungry Spirit space one of the very strong messages I’ve been receiving is that this is a healing space…and we need to share it as such.

Not one to ignore the messages I receive (mostly), I set about by creating the space where we could start the healing journey. I put up our camper trailer (with help of course from #1 son and #1 hubby!).

And then we made it available for healers to use. Not officially or formally or in any big way. A masseus from St George named Elizabeth has been the first to use it. She stays in the healing space and uses the table we have set up. It’s perfect and it’s nestled in among the trees with privacy and serenity.

Imagine being massaged with the sound of natural birdsong, warmed by the glow of the sun on canvas.

It’s a real treat.

The space is fully equipped with power, massage table, chairs, a bed for sleeping and an area for sitting/resting/consulting.

If you’d like to offer healings or services from THE Hungry Spirit Healing space please email rebel@thehungryspirit.com for availability.


Grass-Fed Beef @THE Hungry Spirit!

Maranoa Beef-Hungry Spirit-01 Maranoa Beef-Hungry Spirit-02

Do You Want To Share Your Wares?

Free Market Stall

FREE Community Events @ THE Hungry Spirit!

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New Gardens Bloom

We are always looking for ways to improve the flow at THE Hungry Spirit garden and we enjoy creating new spaces! Our latest gardens will become herb and spice patches as they are close to the kitchen, but for now they provide pathways through the site and the mulch will be breaking down over time to help build the nutrition of the soil







Our next space will be an expanse of food forrest with fruit and nut trees as well as perrenial vegetables and fruits like asparagus and rhubarb. This area will take more time to develop as we require heaps more woodchip. We are building these up using recycled cardboard boxes (laid down straight on the ground) and woodchip salvaged from the side of the road! Again it will be a year or two before we plant into these spaces as our primary focus will be on soil generation!










The final space we are blooming is for HUMAN growth…it’s a sand circle where we can dance, play, meditate and connect with nature. I experienced the most wonderful workshop on Bruny Island where we danced at sunrise in a giant sandpit under the trees. It was magic and I came home and immediately re-instated the sandpit that was in the space originally for the Aboriginal men to dance when we had THE Hungry Spirit operating as Dig In!

Watch this space for dancing sessions!







On June 28th we will be starting the first of our regular Monthly Creative Community FREE events where you can come and join us to help create and craft new spaces at THE Hungry Spirit…bring your best ideas and some food to share as we will herald in the evening with a film or documentary on the big screen too!



This Is The Maze The Girls Built!

It’s been such a treat  working with Tenneccee, Chiffona and Camryn; three awesome students at LRCS who were keen for after school and weekend work and we were thrilled to give them the opportunity to be part of THE Hungry Spirit, learn some new skills and of course earn some extra spending (or saving) money!!

Cleaning up THE Hungry Spirit space from weeds that had sprung up after all the rain we’ve been having was the first priority and then we wanted to create an area for kids, somewhere they could play, explore…so Tenneccee and Chiffona came up with the idea of a maze.

We had a heap of rocks in a pile on the site so while Rebel moved them in the wheelbarrow, the girls marked out and laid out the maze!

It took about an hour with everyone focused!

We had a big vacant spot in the middle where the old Dig In fire pit was, so decided that we could put a pile of opal dirt and tailings there and kids could spend time sorting through looking for opal!

Along the fenceline we plan to plant fruit vines so that there will be more shade on the maze and also provide delicious fruit for years to come; of course that will happen after the summer has finished!

It’s nice and shady on the maze until about 11am, so it will be a lovely early morning spot to bring kids, enjoy an organic cup of tea or coffee or cold drink and a treat while the kids play safely and use their imagination in nature!

And, as you can see from the picture below, Tennecceee and Chiffona are pretty pleased with their work, as they should be!