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Good For Your Gut Fizzy Drink

I enjoy experimenting with food, it’s true = but I have to admit to being a bit dubious…and quite scared of starting to culture things. My 20161001_071524previous experience of culturing was a sourdough which went very well for a few weeks and then subsequently died when I had to go away for  a while.

But I attended a workshop we hosted by Lightning Ridge local and health guru Millie and she showed me how easy it was to make KEFIR.

So she gave me some grains and I began the process of making it.

KEFIR is a fermented drink that starts with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that kind of looks like the plumed up crystals you add to soil to keep it hydrated.

With the addition of water and sugar, some fruit juice or fruit to taste and with the patience of only a few days the result is a delicious fizzy treat that is pro-biotic in nature which means it adds to the good bacteria and flora in your gut!

All you need to get started and make your own is the grains – and anyone who makes kefir will always have some to share (I’ve got heaps if you want some!) and a recipe – and a really fabulous description of Kefir and how to make it is HERE on Milkwood, my favourite permaculture site.

I have learned that you can over ferment the grains and if you do this (ie leave it too many days before separating the grains from the liquid) it will go vinegary and become undrinkable (unless you like drinking vinegar, in which case, go for it!).

A fab mix we are enjoying at the moment is pureed mulberry.

I always add my fruit or juice to the second stage and keep the initial fermenting with the grains and the sugar and water pure. I’ve experimented with both and just prefer it that way – both work just fine!

I feel good drinking it, it tastes nice and there’s something really satisfying about making your own probiotic healthy, feels like a treat, drink!

It’s a great time to start making it so you have a chilled replacement for alcohol in these warm summer months!


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