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Greenies In The Garden: The Resilience Green!

IMAG2006I am in love with my veggie patch at the┬ámoment and the funny thing is that it is the messiest, most unruly and least organised it has EVER been, in a decade or more…no I am serious, it is!!!

But that is what I love about it.

We have so many self sown broccoli that I never got around to transplanting that are merrily growing delicious and nutritious little broccoli. We have rows and rows of splendid Asian greens that I can barely keep up with and radishes the size of enormous potatoes! The nasturtium, as always, takes over and spreads its wings over everything bringing bees and other little critters in and even the kangaroos are getting their confidence up and coming into the patch to leave little dropping presents. It is unruly and crazy and totally wild and it is brilliant, because I haven’t done a thing in there in months and it is STILL feeding us and then some!

Our snow peas are abundant and our spinach and beetroot keep growing away ready for us when we are ready for them.

For me this is the RESILIENCE needed in our life right now. I have had a lot of time away from home what with holidays and my husbands’ unexpected hospital visits, so our garden really has to fend for itself and RESILIENCE means that rather than surviving, it actually THRIVES! What JOY that is!

What it means is that all the hard work done in years gone by is paying dividends now. And I am grateful for that.

For me this is the same approach I apply to all my life and, it is what I coach my business, health and community development clients in…how to develop resilience and how in turn to foster it in their clients.

If you put in the hard yards now…learning, practicing, building your wisdom and growing your foundations – the rewards will be enormous, paramount and most importantly, timely.

It is hard to predict when the shit will hit the fan. But what you want to know is that when it does, which it inevitably will, you are prepared and RESILIENT, so you don’t just bounce back you fly back!



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