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How Do We Do It?

We grow lots of food in the outback of Australia – we eat mostly from our own garden, supplemented by meat from local farmers or from suppliers we have found and mindfully purchased consumables – organic if we can, but not always.

We don’t spend thousands of dollars.

We consume consciously even though we live in a remote town.

We don’t spend hundreds of hours doing it.

We live clean, simple and fresh.

It’s a mantra.

We support local businesses.

Time. Money. Access. These are all excuses I hear all the time for people not living the life and making the choices I describe above.

These are all excuses for ‘it’s not that important to me’.

Which is all a deeper belief that ‘I am not important’.

Pushing buttons much?

When we understand that these things are just the surface layer we tell ourselves we can get to the true reason you aren’t growing your own, making time for healthy eating or making different choices.

Let me be clear – it’s not time; it’snot money; it’s not your remote geography…it’s your BELIEF system (BS).

And I am calling you on it.

So if you have the inclination right now to stop reading; it’s exactly the reason you should keep reading!

But let me be clear – I am no different to you – I started in exactly the place you are right now…until I decided that it SUCKED being there and made a different choice.

I made a choice to choose ME.

It believe in ME.

To prioritise ME.

To create a life I LOVE by valuing ME.

When you shift to this level of love for yourself you become compelled to take time, to invest, to create the energy and momentum you need to live a life with no limits.

If you focus on loving yourself – the skill set, money, time, access and energy all materialise.

Start focusing on SELF LOVE – and the garden will begin to grow!

If you would like to join us to explore this conversation more – Grow Your Life – Introduction to Permaculture would be a great start!

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