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Inspired Veggie Gardeners

The first ever Hungry Spirit workshop was hosted on Saturday 21st February and 16 enthusiastic participants rolled up their sleeves, donned their gloves and big hats and got in and blitzed the garden, filling it with love, seedlings and seeds!

Workshop facilitator Rebel Black was chuffed that so many people had traveled so far – participants came from Tooraweenah and all around Coonamble as well as from Lightning Ridge.

“There is an obvious hunger and desire for re connection to food and to source!”Rebel said.20150221_102711

“It was a treat to work with such an enthusiastic and passionate group of people – and I know they will all go home and get their veggie hand in – and share their produce and new skills with their family, friends and community!”

Rebel says, in her experience, the key to successful backyard veggie gardening in semi-arid Australia is to give it a go and see what happens – and record what happens, so you know for next time.

“You can read all the books you like and google your pants off – and still kill plants or successfully grow stuff…the best thing is to throw your expectation to the wind, take on a positive, productive and love filled attitude and give it a go!”

Rebel’s advice is to start small and when planning to begin a veggie patch consider things like your time, what people like to eat, your space and water availability and don’t be afraid to fail!

Rebel has both a philosophical and pragmatic approach to veggie gardening in semi arid Australia.

“Things die – it’s a part of the natural cycle of life – if you are scared of seeds not sprouting or seedlings dying then they most likely will. If you embrace it as part of the leanring and the cycle – then you just put more in and harvest the abundance that flows when you get the mix just right!”

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