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Giving Back Doesn’t Mean Going Broke

So here is a pattern that I am seeing all too frequently and I don’t like it…

There is this crazy and entirely unsustainable mantra in community development that you are a bad person if you make money and that all true givers are broke. It stems from the religion based penance poverty mentality I think.

Alright, so it might not be SAID outloud, but there certainly is an underlying hippy based covenant, that rich people are bad and poor people are more noble and give back.

I call Bullshit.

If you want to see the REAL movers and shakers

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Greenies In The Garden: The Resilience Green!

I am in love with my veggie patch at the moment and the funny thing is that it is the messiest, most unruly and least organised it has EVER been, in a decade or more…no I am serious, it is!!!

But that is what I love about it.

We have so many self sown broccoli that I never got around to transplanting that are merrily growing delicious and nutritious little broccoli. We have rows and rows of splendid Asian greens that I can barely keep up with and radishes the size of enormous potatoes! The nasturtium, as always, takes over

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Local FOOD!

My husband and I are LOVING our little jaunt up the west coast of Australia sampling the fine produce on offer, but I have to say that the food available for easy consumption is pretty dismal and in most places, you have to really hunt out the local produce.


We were pretty disappointed when we pulled off the highway to go to the World’s Best Beer Garden (pretty big claim, but it got us!) to find YEP one of the most spectacular views we have every seen looking out over the ocean, witnessing lobster pot hauling…then to be

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Spinach and Leadership

I was picking spinach from my garden the other day and it reminded me of my Pa, Roderick Black. Weird maybe, but it did and it did because he used to grow it for our family and we had it at just about every meal. We ate Pa’s love almost daily in our house.

What I then started thinking about was the leadership Pa displayed, as a grandfather and as an agripolitical leader and of course I was reflecting on the influence he had on my life and on the lives of my brother and sister.

In my youth I

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Socially (ir)Responsible Enterprise

I have spent the last 13 years working in community development in Outback Australia and there is one thing I have noticed…things aren’t getting better, despite best intentions and millions of dollars and some good ideas.

The reason I believe is that the model for community development is flawed, fundamentally, because we have government and large not for profit organisations involved in service delivery which results in huge inefficiencies, ever increasing bureaucracies and services not actually reaching the people who need it most.

Why? Because they are operated by employees, who have never had to go out and fight

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