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The Movement Of Water In a Semi-Arid Landscape & The Blessing Of Rain!


We LOVE it when it rains; the sound, the smell and what it does for our garden! We are coming off the back of a serious dry spell and so when we heard rain was coming early in January, we thought it was a good time to start a bit of experimental earthworks to try and slow some of the water that flows off the ridges and into our dam. The flow from a previous downfall, which we weren’t around for, had showed evidence that what we had wasn’t really working, so it was time to have another go! I

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Food Forrest Gardening

The Blank Canvas

As part of THE Hungry Spirit Masterplan we will be creating a Food Forrest on site, to show how we can create a productive, edible landscape in a semi-arid environment. We are planning to host a workshop on this later in the year.

They have been applying the principles of the Food Forrest in the middle east for over 2000 years very successfully and it makes sense to me that we can do it here too.

Imagine a cool green space in summer on the opalfields as a retreat from the heat, creating a lovely microclimate and providing abundant food.

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The Trees For The Forrest

The Blank Canvas

This morning I sat with an ABC journalist – Sally Bryant, in my backyard and we talked about The Hungry Spirit Centre for Semi-Arid Sustainability.

It was, as it always is with Sal, a great yarn with lots of ebbs and flows!

When it came time for the inevitable ‘photo shoot’ in the garden, I found myself to be embarrassed, not because i hadn’t really done my hair or wasn’t in my finest or event that I didn’t have lippy on (I have LONG got over that as a worry), but I was embarrassed because we had just spent 30

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