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We Are Opening a Pop Up SHOP in Lightning Ridge!

Our paper closed at the end of last year.

It’s a tale of full circle small business to corporate buy out back to economic rationalism..hopefully back to small business! It’s what happens in life. It’s sad, but it’s a real part of the evolution of communities. We can be upset about it, or we can embrace the change.  The Ridge News was the reason I came to Lightning Ridge! It was first real job I had ever had; it was a paper that my Pa had encouraged the Rural Press board to acqurie when he was Chairman; it was how I met my husband and all my closest friends here – it was the catalyst for me to grow and develop entrepreneurial wings…it was so much for me.

So when the shop was vacant, because of the closure; I thought – what next…and why not take the opportunity?

It’s in a great location in the heart of town. It’s clean and bright and tiled.

Perfect for the Health and Wholefoods store I have been dreaming of and wishing for in Lightning Ridge for years.

And so I took the plunge. I called the landlord who was thrilled to bits and has been super supportive and asked if we could strike a deal.

She said yes.

And so it was done.

Meeting Place Of THE Hungry Spirit was emerging.

She’s still under construction; but there is product arriving and shelves being stocked; systems developing and staff recruiting.

It won’t be your typical retail model – more like a blend of community supported agriculture meets retail meets events!

It will be a sister store to our site on Woolooroo Road Lightning Ridge where the garden and permaculture enterprise is.

The vision is bold.

We will have hundreds of members who shop there, come to regular members events, who share and collaborate. We will sell organic, chemical free, wholefoods in bulk and packs and we will sell what we grow from the garden. Eventually there will be lunch delivery. There will be cooking classes and product demonstration and gardening events.

This space, at 12 Opal Street will be our first port of call – where all the action spreads; like the hub of a wheel!

We are excited and we just know that you are too!

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