LR is a special place on map of Australia. If you want to experience it as close to the locals as possible, which is usually the best way to explore new places, Rebel’s caravan gives you just that. You will feel like being a part of the locals. The sandy roads just on the outskirts of town (about 100m from bitumen road only) will make you feel different. The kangaroos at night and during the morning, green parrots flying around, the famous Artesian bore baths and amazingly clear night sky. You will never experience that in a big city! LR is a opal town and a gem itself… Rebel and her husband were very welcoming, showed us around the place and gave good advice. The caravan was nice and clean and has everything you could possibly need. It’s not 5 star hotel, not a motel and that’s the best thing about it. If you like the real touch and feel of the local stay, a bit of adventure, Rebel’s place is your perfect choice.