Lightning Ridge is a unique and wonderful place in the world, famous for black opal, quirky architecture, fabulous people and for being NSW only dinosaur fossil site and the only place on the planet where opal miners find the opalised remains of dinosaurs!

We are proud and happy to call it our home!

There are many great experiences to be enjoyed in the town and surrounding areas and we encourage you to check it out for yourself

In 2018 ABC’s Backroads shared a great story about Lightning Ridge which we recommend!

Visitor Information including accommodation, attractions and events can be found on the local Tourism Association website HERE

And one of our favourite local projects is the Australian Opal Centre which recently secured $20million in funding to build a national centre designed by Glenn Murcutt and Wendy Lewin, on the opalfields at Lightning Ridge.

They also host incredible Fossil Digs each year which bring people from around the world to the outback to look for the opalised fossils of dinosurs and other critters from 100 million years ago!