Transform the way you grow your food and multiply productivity in your backyard, market garden or large-scale farm in a semi-arid region.


More than just a gardening course

The word ‘Syntropy’ in an agroforestry concept which refers to “increasing complexity” or bio-diversity within the system.

As an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture, Syntropic Farming allows us to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore degraded soil biodiversity by mimicing what nature does, but in a system that can be easily managed AND uses less water than conventional methods.

What makes Syntropic farming unique is that it emulates the growth of the rainforest, one of the most bio-diverse systems of life on the planet.

By understanding and respecting nature’s complex system and copying how the rainforest functions, we can save massive amounts of water on our crops or orchards, eliminate the use of chemicals and considerably reduce financial and labour cost.

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Greening the Outback

In 3 short years we have taken a barren, hard as concrete patch of land in semi-arid Australia (Lightning Ridge) and transformed it into an abundant, thriving forrest eco-system that is well on it’s way to sustaining itself and us in fruits, timber, vegetables and nuts into the future.

It uses approximately 1/10th the amount of water our other main vegetable garden uses and is easily managed in less than 4 hours a month.

We would love to share with you how to do it for yourself in your backyard or small block – OR at scale on your farm.

We want to see water return to our landscape in western NSW and we think we have found a way to do it!

Come and join us to learn how!

System 1 June 2020

System 1 April 2021

System 1 May 2022


System 1 May 2023

By your participation in this course you will be directly contributing to the growth and expansion of Australia’s first semi-arid Syntropic Farming Demonstration Site in Lightning Ridge, western NSW

Meet your facilitator

Thiago Gimenez Barbosa is a Syntropic farming pioneer in Australia who is helping to spread the knowledge of this unique farming system and teaching farmers and backyard gardeners to apply the principles in different regions and climates around Australia and the world.

Thiago grew up growing food with his grandparents in the countryside of Brazil. He fell in love with the principles of Syntropic Farming and over the last years has been visiting and working with Ernst Götsch and other teachers and farmers across Brazil to improve his knowledge and skills. He facilitates workshops throughout different regions and climates in Australia and helps farmers transition from conventional to regenerative practices using Syntropic Farming principles.

What's included

  • 21hours Syntropic Farming instruction with Thiago Gimenez Barbosa from Syntropic Farms Co.
  • Hands-on application of Syntroipc Principles in a live semi-arid system looking at the examples of home garden, market garden and large-scale farming
  • Course manual
  • Delicious (from the garden) Morning and afternoon tea

Topics covered

This course is an introduction and extensive 3 day intensive for people who would like to understand the methodology and philosophy of Syntropic Farming and apply it. It will be an intensive 3 days with a mixture of theory and application in a semi-arid environment, leaving you with an understanding of the core practices used in Syntropic Farming, along with a practical, hands-on experience of how the concepts are put into practice and how you can apply them at home immediately.

This course is for farmers, backyard growers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers and anyone who wants to be be involved with food production and environmental stewardship.

The main topics will be:

  • Soil Evaluation and Landscape Reading
  • Observation of climate and soil through all senses
  • Bacteria and fungi (Mychorrhizae) + Quantity of life/ diversity
  • Soil coverage
  • Theory of Syntropy and Entropy
  • Soil Preparation + different types of garden beds
  • System design
  • Planting demonstration
    and much much more…


We are looking forward to hosting our Planting Water workshop in 2024! Places are limited so please book in early and if you’d like information about group pricing please contact

August 2024 Workshop

Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th August 2024 8:30am – 3:30pm

Morning & Afternoon tea and lunch provided

Early Bird Price – $640 if booked and paid before 10th July 2024

Returning student special – $395 per person *

Full price – $795 per person

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