Tin Camp Studios @ THE Hungry Spirit

It started with a dream that our friend Warren Mason had, to create a safe space for storytelling and sharing.
He built the first Tin Camp for the Nayri Niara Festival on Bruny Island and when we saw it, experienced it and Rebel made her debut performance in it, we said… we’d love to have one of these at THE Hungry Spirit for the community of Lightning Ridge.

A few years later and with thanks to Outback Arts and Create NSW and THE Edge Fest we were able to realise the dream and construct a permanent Tin Camp Studios in 2021.

The studio is constructed from salvaged materials (with the exception of a new roof) and is modeled on the typical 1950s Aboriginal housing that could be found on the fringe of countless Australian townships.

Construction of the Tin Camp Studio was undertaken by a group of students as part of a workshop hosted by Warren (a qualified builder) sharing simple and effective building skills.

Since it’s debut at THE Hungry Spirit, Lightning Ridge, in 2021 Tin Camp Studios has been host to more than 20 community focused events with a combined audience of 600+ and activities ranging from live music performances to a TAFE language program graduation ceremony, a wedding ceremony, regular Open Mic events, retreats, workshops, music recording + even a film clip for a regionally based artist.

You can read about the 2022 season HERE or the 2021 EDGE Fest Events HERE

Recording Studio

In 2023 with thanks to Outback Arts & The Regional Youth Radio grant we were able retrofit Tin Camp as a recording studio with enclosed doors that become wings for performance + ensure it is secure + soundproof.
We also acquired sound recording equipment and locals received training in how to use it which is part of a Yout at THE Edge Podcast project where young people will be supported to create their own unique podcast – using Tin Camp Studios. The launch will be late in 2023!

This is such an exciting new opportunity.

We envisage musicians and artists will want to both perform + record in Tin Camp Studios for years to come, adding value to the local community, economy.

You can read more about Tin Camp Studios HERE and reach out about collaboration either through rebel@thehungryspirit.com or wmindigart@gmail.com