Australian Outback Pilgrimage


Rebel Black

A special invitation to pilgrimage on Yuwaalaraay land, our opal-hearted, big sky dreaming country.
Are you ready to choose your own adventure?


For as long as humans have roamed this earth they have been taking pilgrimages – searching for meaning and significance and the quest to find oneself, God or purpose.

There are many well known and well trodden paths across the lands that walking Pilgrims travel including the El Camino de Santiago in Spain, Kumano Kodo in Japan and of course Mecca (read more HERE), but Pilgrimages by foot isn’t the only way one can quest for their centre.

I’d like to invite you on a pilgrimage to the opal hearted edge of the outback in Australia.

As with all pilgrimages, intent is everything.

So before I share with you what to expect,  I invite you to clear your mind and ask….

What do I need right now?

Did you answer space, answers, silence, peace, knowing, freedom…

I don’t know?


You are ready.

The Wellbeing & Worthiness Outback Pilgrimage starts on a full moon and completes on a new moon and the journey to get there will be as important as the time spent on country immersed in this incredible landscape.

You will be immersed for between 15-18 nights on a journey that will take you from your home, wherever that is, through an ever changing landscape, to the opal mining community of Lightning Ridge, population ?, where you will spend time, in sabbatical, on a self-guided and semi-supported journey back to yourself.

Sleep in comfort under canvas in Charlie’s Camp at THE Hungry Spirit. 

Tech free.

“The open, honest, wholehearted, humerous conversations with Rebel are always a huge highlight and an enormous awakening experience, which stayed with me until we met again.”

Goal: Dec 2019 ‘to be Clear, focused and on my way to joyful (if not fully embodied!) To have moved on from the current heaviness experienced in body, mind, soul and to be living purposefully!’

The end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 was a time in which I would be stuck in forever. The bleakness of what I believed lay ahead of me left me with a dark, throbbing, heaviness in my heart. My body ached to be free from the pain that I felt completely trapped in. My head, was a complete fog and I was living in autopilot not being able to look past the basics of survival. I was convinced I had failed in every way possible and my life was going to be played out to the end by simply getting through each day, convinced I was a hollow shell, had reached my peak, the whole world was against me and I would never be happy again.

Outcome: 12 months on

Change takes time and consistency. I had to get out of my head and realise old limiting beliefs and familiar patterns did not serve me anymore. I learnt to actively look at my own bullshitty victim statements that were of no use to my progress and my relationships with people nor did they set an example of how I wanted my children (who are young women) to act speak to others or themselves.

After journeying n the Pilgrimage with Rebel:

  • I became very good at looking at what my triggers are and released the power these have over me. The triggers are now acknowledged, dealt with and then released.
  • I became clearer in my thoughts and ensured I provided clarity to those whom I communicated, both at home in the workplace.
  • I became braver to take on difficult conversations and much more able to speak my truth without feeling ‘I was wrong, not enough, stupid or fraudulent.’
  • I realised the power of putting my thoughts/goals/hopes and dreams into the Universe and then watched the way they manifested into my reality.
  • I am becoming increasingly aware of the power of voicing what I want in the next stage of my life journey. The outcome is directly related to my thoughts about the situation and the inner dialogue and external chatter.
  • I am now open to looking at myself square in the face and calling the truth out rather than the self-sabotaging stories I tell myself.

I have also realised that I actively run away from being loved. This is only a new finding. I actively make it very difficult for people to love me or even like me because of a the story I tell myself about rejection and abandonment. The whole ‘I am not enough and people are using me to get what they want’ was the story and I was believing it. Therefore, I ran from love and that included the love of self. This was a huge awakening. This acknowledgement is making me stay quiet for longer and listen to what people are saying and realising their reaction is rarely about me. It is their story not mine. And if someone wants to love you, let them.

On a professional level: Rebel invested a huge amount time in my personal strategic plan for my work place and gave me the courage to have some 1st time money conversations with a publishing company. Not only helping me understand what the company were asking of me but to keep on asking for clarification. This clarification helped me to bravely ask for the money that I wanted but didn’t believe was possible. This was huge!

The experience being part of the Rural Woman has also allowed me to obtain training and support from the best in the business which has been a true gift. I always say, ‘I only want to work with the best of the best!’ The Rural Woman and Rebel are exactly that – truly amazing!!

Read more…

– Natasha Brotherton

Immersed in nature and imbued with the energy of this place, the healing waters, the Indigenous wisdom and the colourful heartland, there will be space for healing, time for reflection and deep listening and connection with the right people in the perfect way.

I have lived, with my husband, on the edge of the opal fields at Lightning Ridge for almost 20 years and it’s taken me most of that time to really appreciate just how special this place is  and to understand that people willingly journey here for their soul salve whether they realise it or not. 

This place offers the right soul, a personal pilgrimage.

I know, because it’s been gifting me one for years and when I finally surrendered, “oh the magnificence.” 

Lightning Ridge – and particularly the space we steward at THE Hungry Spirit is incredible. 

It exudes a healing, transformative and expansive energy that polarises people – you either love it or you leave!

It calls people here and it invites them to stay a while, to rediscover themselves and commit to their craft.

A mentor of mine once said that she believed people would come from around the world to learn traditional wisdom at our space in Lightning Ridge.

I laughed in disbelief at the time, but it’s true.

In the past 5 years, we’ve welcomed people for co-created immersive experiences (and unexpected pilgrimages and sabbaticals) at THE Hungry Spirit space at Lightning Ridge from Denmark, the USA, New Zealand and even Russia. 

We’ve hosted women from across Australia, who journeyed long to refresh their spirit and participate in ‘women’s business’, to look after our place while we were away or to just stay a night or two because they’ve been ‘called’.

It has a unique and special power that way.  

People who spend time here are renewed. 

“Pilgrims lives improve and expand and are forever influenced by their time here…the ripple is real. You cannot be here and not be moved.”

Souls who find their way into this space are enlivened by the people, the healing water, by our green oasis, by the food we share, by the rich and deep conversations and by the landscape.

It’s dry right now, the land is parched and the trees are dying, but it is so incredibly beautiful and still healing.

There are healers here, so many women who have found their way to this place or were always here and are uncovering their calling – and they are ready for you.

I don’t know WHY you’ll come, I just know you will and it will be our role – me, my husband, Rusty the pig, THE Hungry Spirit space and this place, to deliver you what you NEED.

It will be different for everyone.

This is about YOU.

This is your journey.

This is your rite of passage.

This is your ceremony.

This is your PILGRIMAGE

You will know and trust, the right… healer, the right time, the right conversation, the right food, the right space, the right sleep, the right meditation, the right move, the right opportunity will present itself while you are here and we will follow the spirit call and you will be amazed and it will be easy.

There will be no fixed ‘plan’ but there will be intent and powerful co-creative forces will ensure your needs are ideally met.

Your pilgrimage begins as you leave home, we encourage you to take the train and the bus journey from Sydney OR the bus from Brisbane, that way you can be fully immersed, you can experience time passing, enjoy the landscape and feel the environment and you can use the space and freedom from responsibility to reflect on your life so far and your intent for this journey. 

Perhaps you’ll ride in silence.

Perhaps your first question will be answered in the journey.

Perhaps your Pilgrimage begins the minute you say YES and complete the form, make your payment and commit.

Who knows.

Not all pilgrimages are by foot.

Not all are a straight line.

But they are all perfect, as they are, even when they don’t feel it at the time.

Surrender the need to control the outcome and trust that the way will follow.


From the first moment I walked up the steps of Hungry Spirit in Lightning Ridge I felt at peace. I could smell fragrant oils burning and the atmosphere was one of calmness and serenity. Then I met Rebel and my life changed forever. We talked. We exchanged ideas and experiences. They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears. I did not know that this was to be a moment and I actually didn’t think I was looking in Lightning Ridge but boy was

I ready.

Everything was in the right place at the right time and Rebel was definitely the right person. Her open, friendly manner and spot on wisdom and insight still bring warmth to my heart and a smile to my lips.

I went straight out and ordered the books which she recommended. When they arrived I devoured them greedily and they were full of so many “Aha!” moments. They have become texts for life.

I use the inspired oil which she gave me, in fact it is now the only perfume I use.

When I catch her podcasts I know that there will be a lesson for me in there somewhere. I am never disappointed.

They say that everyone will meet 7 people in their lifetime who have a profound effect on their journey. Rebel Black is definitely one of my 7. We went to Lightning Ridge to help Rebel and Michael but in fact the gifts we received were beyond priceless.

May they Bloom abundantly.

– Hellen Brisbane.

We are offering 2 Individual Pilgrimages in 2022 and once the places are sold.

We will work together to decide which dates will suit – based on the moon cycle, your goals, the season and our availability. This is a customised experience for you.

A note about the temperature – it’s hot in summer and can be cold in winter and there is no heating/airconditining in Charlies Camp where you will stay. This is all part of the experience and we invite you to embrace this reconnection to nature.

What will you do while you are here?

It’s a pilgrimage… so the days will not be scheduled or expected, however there are some incredible experiences to be had including:

Hot artesian water calls you early morning or night

Long walks at daybreak or by the stars near the full moon

Conversations with strangers that lead to magical unfoldings

Write, create, express yourself. 

Meditate. Do Yoga.

Sleep. Rest.

Do nothing.

There are people we can connect you to who lead all kinds of wonderful classes and groups and sessions

Unwind. Detox.

Enjoy underground experiences.

There are lots of spaces for you to explore.

Do you need a plan?

Then you need to come.

Part of the majesty of a pilgrimage is in not knowing. That’s the mastery of life, being okay in uncertainty.

Price includes

  • Accommodation 
  • Support for your journey
  • Full and New Moon Ceremonies
  • 5 included healings with local Shamans and healers
  • An incredible photoshoot and pictures to keep, with a sensational local photographer
  • Connection to local experiences and opportunities 
  • Exclusive opportunities we can’t talk about, but will blow your mind
  • Two half day immersions curated and led by Rebel (lluminate Package)
  • Other magic we can’t even describe yet, but will unfold as you are here!



Pay In Full


Payment Plan

$750 deposit

+ 5 payments $750 (monthly)



Pay In Full


Payment Plan

$1600 deposit

+ 5 payments $1600 (monthly)

This experience includes 2 x half day specially designed healing or business immersions led by Rebel

If you are interested but would like to discuss before you secure your place, please book in for a call and we can support you in your decision making! CLICK HERE

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If you are interested but would like to discuss before you secure your place, please book in for a call and we can support you in your decision making! CLICK HERE

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