Thank you for being here!

Under the stewardship of Rebel Black & Michael Matson, the space THE Hungry Spirit occupies has been evolving for almost 2 decades.

We feel privileged to have the honour of listening to this land and being guided by it, for what comes next.

It has been a community gathering place for as long as the living memory can tell, a space where youth have partied, elders have shared, kids have played and it has also been an award winning restaurant, workshop centre, food hub, teaching space and is also our home.

We have always grown our own food here, living as lightly as we can in our outback environment. We’ve learned a lot about growing in hard red soil, with highly mineralised water and long dry spells. Through trial and error, we’ve managed to create an abundant food forrest and syntropic garden that we love to share.

Since early 2014, we have been actively sharing and bringing others to teach permaculture, regenerative living and healing in our outback location on the opalfields at Lightning Ridge, providing workshops and events that educate participants on everything from backyard bee keeping, no-dig gardening and healthy food to permaculture design, meditation and Shamanism.

We host regular events for the community including showing films, hosting food markets and special guest speakers or performers and we love to see people using the space.

During the seasons, when the weather is amazing, we have Thai chefs who have the restaurant open a couple of lunchtimes each week and our Taste of the World Food Markets monthly and house concerts and live performances in between using a bitcoin mixer. You can read more on our Workshops and Events page.

We value sharing and believe in an abundant universe so were early adopters in the sharing economy and now offer unique accommodation and retreat experiences.

We love to partner and collaborate and have a passion for sharing and creating pathways for people to express and pass on their wisdom.

We look forward to seeing you at THE Hungry Spirit one day.

May you bloom where you are,

Rebel & Michael

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