THE Hungry Spirit Staying with us

We are looking forward to hosting you!

We have a number of delightful spaces @THE Hungry Spirit & in other fabulous locations around the communtiy that can be your retreat while you spend time in Lightning Ridge. We love to breathe new life into old spaces and let them live on with freshness and delight providing a nurturing space for those who enjoy a quirky place to lay their heads.

If you’d like to explore Retreat options or see what Workshops & Events we have coming up, we welcome it!

If you are a retreat organiser and would like to work with us on your next amazing adventure – please email

We will welcome you warmly and provide you local guidance and advice.

We’ve got lots of fossicking on site at THE Hungry Spirit and there beautiful spaces for contemplation and relaxing and an abundant garden you are welcome to enjoy the bounty from.

We also have a fantastic outdoor camp kitchen our guests are welcome to use!

In our other properties we have fire pits (please byo wood)+ BBQs so there is plenty of stargazing and unique views to enjoy!

Because we want you to have time to explore Lightning Ridge and enjoy all it’s delights AND have time to relax and enjoy the serenity, wander in our garden, sit and read a book – we accept bookings in all our spaces for a 2 night minimum because we know that you can’t really have a great experience of the accommodation and the area with anything less and we actually recommend a 3 night stay as the optimum (longer is amazing, but for those on a deadline, if you can plan for 3 you’ll be more relaxed in your adventures!)

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you'd like to stay with us onsite at THE Hungry Spirit
please check out the listings below:

Camper/RV in Lightning Ridge

Castle in Lightning Ridge

Tiny home in Lightning Ridge

Entire guesthouse in Lightning Ridge