Are you a retreat leader who is looking for a NEW kind of retreat?

Are you wanting to get into spaces that are off the eastern seaboard in Australia and create experiences that bring your participants to their edge, ones that take them into new places, connecting with different paradigms and invites them to be shaped by a new, outback environment?

Are you ready for a new view, for immersive experiences in unique landscapes and connection to people who think differently and can help you expand your awareness?

THE Hungry Spirit can support you to create an extraordinary and bespoke experience for your participants, combining our unique venues and accommodation, curated outback experiences and connection to brilliant local healers and practitioners. 

Our founder Rebel Black has been creating safe spaces and leading transformational retreats, in rural and regional areas, for more than a decade, so understands the intricacies of making sure people are uncomfortable enough to change, but comfortable enough to relish their experiences.

We know how challenging it can be to organise retreats, that are profitable, in locations you aren’t familiar with – and that is where we can work with you collaboratively to create the most amazing experience that aligns with your brand, your participants and the outcomes you are looking for, for them – and you as a retreat leader!

We can support you with creating a retreat that works for you and your participants with packages including:

  • unique accommodation including on country camping, an off grid castle, remote outback station stay)
  • venues
  • local presenters including yoga, massage, healing, Indigenous culture, food, meditation
  • one off curated experiences that will be life changing + incredibly memorable and cannot be done anywhere else on the planet!
  • healthy catering including vegetarian/vegan, locally grown and special diets.

” From the moment I stepped onto the land at Hungry Spirit I knew I wanted to run a retreat there. The land that Rebel and Michael look after has a special energy, that holds space for deep healing. Rebel is a wise soul and when I ran my retreat there I felt confident that she would help support me to make sure all aspects of the retreat ran smoothly. It’s a special place in Lightning ridge which feels to me like a vortex or meeting place of energies. This brings an incredible power to the retreats held there. The women on my first retreat here felt transformed and that is as much due to the place and the space held by Rebel and Michael as it was to the process I facilitated for them. Thanks Rebel and I look forward to holding retreats at the Hungry Spirit for many years to come!”


Louise Kanjee

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