Healing Walk

A powerful guided experience of allowing silence, beautiful drumming, a slow walk in a spiral and mother earth to help you transmute your grief into something profound and beautiful.

  • When – Last Sunday of the Month 
  • Time – 1pm (Winter) new times in other seasons
  • Where – The Labyrinth on the Green Car Door Tour, Lightning Ridge NSW
  • Who for – anyone who wants to heal and can be in silence and honour the process, men and women are welcome.
  • No cost 

What will happen

This will be a silent process, facilitated by Rebel Black, supported by Lyndahl Boulton and possibly others as time goes on. There will be drumming, vocalising and potent silence. Healing can be easy and beautiful and liberating. If we allow it to be.


We ask that you arrive with an intention to heal, for yourself and that you trust yourself, the space and the process.


We recommend arriving 5-10 mins early. When you arrive, please park your car and make your way, in silence, to the opening of the Labyrinth. Leave your phone and anything else that might distract you, in the vehicle.

We will gather in silence allowing participants the chance to read through the steps in the process, if they aren’t familiar already. If you arrive late and it has already started, please just trust yourself, remain in silence and follow.


The drumming will start promptly 5minutes after 1pm, so please be a bit early so we can all start together!

Once the drumming has started, each person will enter the labyrinth one at a time, allowing enough space for the person in front. 

Each person will walk to the centre of the labyrinth and out again, in their own time.

We recommend that participants line up in readiness to enter the labyrinth when it is their turn.


If you need to move around someone, please do so respectfully and in silence. Avoid touching each other.

Be mindful of others around you, but not as a distraction from your own process.

We trust this will work out.

Please stay in silence and in the area until everyone has left the labyrinth.

The drumming will end once everyone has left the labyrinth.


Once everyone has left, we will regather in a circle. 

You will be invited back into sound with a short ceremony and then you will be able to speak with your fellow participants before moving to the rest of your day.

Note  – there won’t be a facilitated debrief, but you are welcome to share yours with your fellow participants.


We ask that, if someone shares with you, you do not share other participants’ experience with anyone else. 

How long

The amount of time it takes will be dependent on the number of participants and how long people take to move through the labyrinth.

What next?

If there is enough interest, we will explore hosting a Healing Grief Sharing Circle on another day/time.

How to use the process for greatest benefit

The reason for walking and being in silence is to allow your body to start or complete the healing process for you. Sometimes our feelings are just simply too big for us to express in words, but our body can do this for us, if we become mindful of it. 

The drumming and the greater silence allows you to focus your mind to direct its attention to your body and to use your steps and awareness to release and let go of stress, grief and other powerful emotions.

Honour this time and space you have given yourself. Feel the feelings, do not judge or suppress. Let your body shed it’s grief and let mother earth transmute it for you.

Before you enter the labyrinth consider what it is you are here to heal. What story? What loss? What feelings? As you walk, step by step, please speak the story in your head, speak the feelings, speak the loss, speak the grief. 

Let your feelings be felt, let the earth take the pain, let your body move and let go and if you feel tears, let them flow, if you need to shake or stretch or reach up or down, then do, but keep walking, even if they are baby steps, slowly. 

Pay attention to your body, to the sensations you experience, where is pain, what is the pain, does it move, just be aware.

Use the drum beat as your guidance back to the task, if your mind wanders and you get distracted.

Once you reach the centre of the labyrinth. Let it go.

Do not start to walk out of the labyrinth until you are ready to step into the next phase.

Take the time you need.

Ask yourself – am I ready. Trust the answer you get and if you need to wait, do so.

As you leave the labyrinth you are calling in what you want and need moving forward without what you have just let go. Who are you? How do you feel? What are you embracing? What’s new and different now?

With every step you take as you walk out of the labyrinth, embody what you want to feel going forward in relation to the thing you have released and let go of. 

Pay attention to your body’s sensations, pay attention to your pace/way of walking and your stance. 

Does it change on the way in compared to the way out?