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I love my clients and I am so privileged that they choose to share their business, health and life journey with me. It isn’t always easy and it might sound daggy, but it honestly makes my heart sing when they reach their potential and it makes me humbled, beyond belief, when they say nice things about how I help them!


“Rebel is so much more than a business mentor and health coach.

She has a patience, passion and determination above anyone I have met to really help me make my business what I want it to be.

The amazing thing about Rebel is that she teaches not only based on her research and learning but also based on her personal experience which is invaluable.

Her insights have helped me to not only turn my business around but helped me set up systems to ensure my business’s long term sustainability.

I now have a work life balance and am happier and healthier than ever. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Catherine Marriott, Founder of Influential Women and 2012 RIRDC Rural Women of the Year WA and National Runner Up


What happens the day after just 1 session with me!!!

“It was a big session the universe is certainly moving !! I got out of my meeting with you and My boss talked to me about a promotion !  ‘ He said and I quote”  with you I feel I am getting a Christmas present and I have only ripped the ribbon and pulled back a piece of paper . Which was totally unexpected and  then I started to feel something I have not felt for a long time !

Excitement  like when I was a kid and it was Christmas I used to not be able to sleep because I wanted to discover the lovely feelings that come with Christmas and the anticipation the everything was going to be good today !

Well on Friday night that’s how it was for me I woke  early and could not sleep I went down stairs and watched some TV that I had recorded and when the sun came up I put some music on – music that I had not listened to for years and I started cleaning and I started singing and it was getting louder and then when it  was really late enough I turned the music up and I danced and I danced and I sang and I can tell you I have not felt so free in such a long time . My two year old came down the stairs looked at me as if to say WHAT are you doing ? but then he got caught up in the excitement and we both danced and played.

My Nephew came down whose staying with us and we sung and then my husband came down and we went and brought a weed eater and on Sunday Morning  he did the lawns and the edges and I did the same again and I can tell you that my calf muscles and my arms ache !! I was so sweaty …. Good things. My daughter and husband  were amazing when I told them what I was doing both said that they are proud of me and will support me all the way my daughter said she will even eat what I eat how lovely is that! Hubby said give him the shopping list and recipes so he can prepare the correct dinners etc.  ….”

MW April 2013