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The Hungry Spirit Centre For Semi-Arid Regeneration is the tangible, touchable, physical face of  what is essentially, a school for spirited and socially motivated entrepreneurs.

Founded by Rebel Black and Michael Matson, this 2 ha block on the edge of the opalfields in Lightning Ridge was originally the home of a multi-award winning restaurant called Dig In.

Over the coming years, the space will be transformed into a place that epitomises and teaches regenerative, healing, resilient human-focused growth, entrepreneurism and community development.

At this unique, semi-arid zone site in Lightning Ridge there are BIG Plans!

By finding incredible people who want more and are willing to work with us we will grow:

and quite frankly…any other brilliant ideas people come to us with and present!

If you want to get involved in the most exciting entrepreneurship program EVER…give Rebel a call 02 5866 1180!